Brick Walls, and Why You Need a Professional

Brick Wall

Building a brick wall isn’t as simple as it seems. The taller the wall needs to be, the higher the difficulty level becomes. Before you take a dive into the DIY world of brick laying, answer the following prep questions regarding your next project.

Have you poured a wall foundation before?

Every wall needs a solid foundation. Without it, it wouldn’t last more than a week. For the average brick wall project, a foundation of 1-2 feet in depth must be set, and cured for 48-72 hours. It must be completely level, and take into account the brick size being used. Many factors can influence curing time, like weather conditions, and any existing moisture, so it is imperative that it is formed correctly.

Have you mixed mortar before?

Mortar is the binding force within brick walls. It is used to secure bricks in place, and to fill the gaps in between each brick. If not mixed properly, inconsistencies will leave room for improper sealing, leading to eventual issues like cracked and defective mortar. Also, depending on the sand type used, your mix quantities will vary.

Mortar, like any cement mix, will start to dry as soon as it makes contact with water. It’s best to move fast, and precisely as you set the bricks down the line.

Are you prepared to keep every layer of brick level?

We saved the hardest part of brick laying for last. As you lay bricks down to form your wall, you need to be 100% sure that each brick is level. The smallest variations can cause your entire wall to come out crooked or uneven, causing weakness in the structure. Not only do the bricks need to be level from the top, but you’ll need to line them level from all sides. Every brick needs the perfect placement, every time.

If your answer to any of the questions above was “no”, then we recommend you call us for your FREE Estimate & Consultation. We’ll offer our 25 years of experience in masonry to build a strong, indestructible brick wall. No matter how big or small, every brick laying project requires an experienced hand to get it right.

Brick Wall

Take a look at the details in this brick wall. The mortar is evenly spaced, the bricks are plumb, and the face of the wall is as straight as can be. This is the perfection you can expect from Supreme Construction, and your brick wall project.

Brick Wall