10 Elegant Examples of Interior Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is one of the most elegant ways to enhance your home exterior. It’s quite a bit cheaper than its natural counterpart, yet provides the same qualities you can expect from stone. But the use of stone veneer doesn’t just apply to the outside of your home. It can be used indoors too! The end result is really charming, and our customers love the new look of their homes.

What is stone veneer?

Stone veneer is generally a 1 inch thick, man made alternative to natural stone. It is made by using special molds, and lightweight concrete to form what look like a tile version of stone. They weigh a lot less than natural stone, so they can be applied to walls without additional support. By using a very strong mortar, the tiles are placed onto walls with a permanent seal.

What are some interior stone veneer project ideas?

Glad you asked. Your creativity will be the ultimate source for project ideas. There are so many places you could use stone veneer within your home, it would be very tough to mention them all. But here are 10 amazing examples of how using stone veneer can enhance your home interior. Click on each image to zoom in, and read a brief project description.


Fireplaces are a great place to use stone veneer because a fireplace is typically the focal point of your family room. Achieve a warm, cozy atmosphere using varying amounts of the material.

Full Fireplace Stone Veneer Fireplace Stone Veneer Fireplace Stone Veneer Border


Hallway walls are usually forgotten when it comes to interior design, yet the simple addition of stone veneer can add incredible beauty. Wondering how you’ll hang up all your pictures? Take a look…
Hallway Stone Veneer

Kitchen Islands

In the kitchen, your island is the family hangout. From eating quick meals, to cooking a family sized dinner, the kitchen island is a multi-use kitchen accessory. Give it the attention it deserves with an amazing stone veneer finish.

Kitchen Island Stone Veneer

Kitchen Backsplash

Typically, homeowners opt to use tiles for their kitchen backsplash, however, stone veneer is a wonderful alternative. It adds texture, and depth without losing functionality. It’s also just as easy to clean. Just wipe it down with some warm water and a little soap.

Kitchen Backsplash Stone Veneer

Dining Rooms

It’s a known fact that most of your guests will enter your dining room. Make an impression that will last a lifetime with a stone veneer accented wall.

Dining Room Stone Veneer
Dining Room Stone Veneer

Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom is no exception. Stone veneer in your bedroom is best applied on the wall behind your bed. This project idea is an excellent example of a well executed stone veneer finish.

Bedroom Stone Veneer

Master Bathroom

Finally, we head to the master bathroom. Your personal space shouldn’t be ignored when choosing to use stone veneer. In fact, this is one of the most sought after designs for bathroom remodeling projects.

Bathroom Stone Veneer

If you like these project ideas, and are interested in something similar for your home interior, contact us for your FREE Estimate & Consultation. We would love to go over all the possibilities with you, and get your project completed.

For more interior home project ideas, check out this online gallery.


This fireplace features a dark brown colored Ledgestone that runs from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. This design is great because it uses a “stacked stone” look to give the impression of high ceilings.

Full Fireplace Stone Veneer

Mountain Ledge

This fireplace features a natural colored Mountain Ledge stone veneer that accents the fireplace without overpowering the current design of the room itself. These accenting techniques can really give your fireplace character of its own. Even a little material, can make a big impact.

Fireplace Stone Veneer

Field Ledge

Sometimes, less is more. Although this fireplace only has a Field Ledge stone veneer border, it is still very noticeable and effective. Remember, there is always a solution for any budget.

Fireplace Stone Veneer Border

European Ledge

Transform a plain hallway wall into a work of art with the classic touch of European Ledge. These decorative walls are highly popular, as you can see why below.

Hallway Stone Veneer

River Rock

This kitchen island takes on a whole new look with the addition of a River Rock stone veneer.

Kitchen Island Stone Veneer

Cut Coarse Stone

Step outside of the box when designing your kitchen backsplash, and go with stone veneer. It’s more durable, and gives your backsplash a textured look.

Kitchen Backsplash Stone Veneer

Rustic Ledge

This master bedroom features a light colored Rustic Ledge stone that pairs perfectly with the wood of the bed frame. You’ll also notice the 3 lights pointed towards it from above, add a touch of light for dramatic effect.

Bedroom Stone Veneer


Let’s get a little more creative. This Bluffstone wall contains candle holders embedded into it. Imagine yourself, dimming the lights, and enjoying a candle lit dinner.

Dining Room Stone Veneer

Cypress Ridge

The elegance of this dining room is amplified by the choice of Cypress Ridge stone veneer. The material is only used on the back wall of the room, which is just enough to complete the entire room design.

Dining Room Stone Veneer

Cliffstone and Slate Tile

This bathroom uses a combination of Cliffstone and Slate tiles to reflect a rustic, yet modern interior. The Slate tiles take a spin on the usual ceramic tiles, and go very well with the stone chosen for the back wall.

Bathroom Stone Veneer