How to Maintain and Clean Your Pavers

Power Washed Pavers

When done right, you can expect brick or concrete pavers to last a very long time. Although they are not considered high maintenance masonry, there is a recommended maintenance system to ensure the long life, durability, and appeal of your paved surfaces.

Once your pavers are installed, we recommend using a high quality sealant to enhance the pavers’ color, lock in the joint sand, and help water drain away from your property faster. Another benefit is that it will protect your pavers from daily wear and tear especially in the parts that get the most foot traffic.

The minimum maintenance schedule for your pavers should be a thorough cleaning twice per year, and quick rinses when you notice dirt or dust on them. To keep your pavers looking great all year round, give them a good rinse with your household hose every month, and you’ll keep those hard to clean areas looking their best.

Twice a year, you’ll want to do a complete wash on your pavers, preferably with a power washer and some environmental friendly cleaning solution. Use a wide spraying nozzle on you power washer to avoid putting too much pressure in one specific location. Check your local hardware store for a cleaning soltuon, they should offer several choices, just be careful to make sure the label mentions that it is safe for masonry, and paved surfaces. If you prefer not to use store bought cleaning solutions, you can get away with using water and some detergent. Whatever product you choose, do a spot test in a small, out of the way area to make sure it won’t discolor your pavers, or affect your sealant.

When washing your pavers you’ll be looking to remove any build up of dirt, or debris, with the goal of giving your pavers that brand new look once again. If you notice any gasoline or oil stains, you may be tempted to try a store bought cleaning solution, but from past experiences, this low cost repair is more successful when professionally fixed. Many of those store bought solutions can damage your masonry, or sealant. Call us for your FREE Estimate & Consultation and we’ll be glad to help get those pavers looking new again.

If you have unsealed pavers on your property, you may find it difficult to use a power washer without removing a layer of the joint sand in between your pavers. This is going to create unstable conditions for your pavers, so you’ll want to refill those joints as soon as it’s dry.

To start planning a paver project for your home, contact us for a FREE Estimate & Consultation. We’ll personally show you the proper maintenance techniques, and give you a surface that will last you for years to come.

Regular cleaning will keep your pavers looking like new.

Below, you can see a clear difference when pavers are power washed. Don’t let high traffic areas of your paved surfaces become trapped under mud, dirt, and dust. Follow our guide to keep your pavers clean, and beautiful.

Power Washed Pavers