Add Curb Appeal to Your Home With Stone and Stucco

Enhancing your home exterior with stone and stucco adds class and curb appeal overnight. This classic combination offers you an enormous amount of options including textures, shapes, and even plenty of colors to choose from. One of your main priorities when choosing a stone & stucco combination for your home will be deciding on the materials. Secondly, what parts of your home will this combination work best on? Let’s get into your options.

Before we get into project ideas, let’s quickly review the basics.

Natural stone

Natural stone is self-explanatory. It is stone that is found naturally on the earth, and cut to fit your project. Natural stone has many applications, including, but not limited to retaining walls, steps, walkways, driveways, patios, firepits, fireplaces and more. It can go both indoors and out, making it a good choice for bigger budgets. Yes, natural stone is a bit more expensive, but well worth it for the strength and stability it provides. Granite, marble, bluestone, and limestone tend to be some of the most popular choices for most residential projects, because they are versatile, and offer long lasting finishes. Keep in mind, the range of colors and shapes offered by natural stone are vast, so be prepared to spend some time selecting your project materials.

Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is made of 3-5” layers of stone or concrete, that can be used both indoors and outdoors to give the impression of real stone. Stone veneer is generally cheaper than it’s natural stone equivalent, and holds up just as well to the elements. If you are looking to give your home a whole new look, without having to demolish anything, or looking to accent some portions of your home, stone veneer offers a convenience because it can be applied over existing brick, stucco, concrete, or sheetrock. Stone veneer, like natural stone, offers consumers plenty of choices when it comes to colors and shapes.


Stucco is a finishing plaster, or in some cases a cement blend used for sealing walls. It pairs really well with stone combinations, and offers great weather protection for your home exterior. Indoors, it can be used to give texture and accents to an otherwise plain looking room. It is naturally fungus resistant, and very durable. Stucco can be made with different textures and colors, to your specific needs and taste. Take a look at these examples of some great stone & stucco combinations, and feel free to use them to come up with ideas for your own home.

Warning: Although stucco looks great, Staten Island’s harsh weather conditions don’t allow for large areas to be covered with stucco without premature cracking. If you still want stucco, we recommend you limit stucco use to smaller areas of your home exterior. Larger surface areas are more prone to cracking.

Project Ideas

Stone & stucco has been around for a very long time, and for good reason. Here are some project ideas for varying budgets:

  1. Give your home a new facade.
    You don’t need to spend a fortune to give your home a makeover, just apply stone & stucco to the street facing side of your home. This look is highly popular among newly constructed homes, and gives you a whole new look without the high cost of working on all the sides of your house.Stone & Stucco Home Facade
  2. Stucco with Stone borders. This Southwest inspired design is highly popular because of it’s low maintenance, and long lasting qualities. It works well for homes of all sizes, but be warned…using stucco on large surface areas will make them prone to cracks.Full Stucco with Stone Trim
  3. Re-surface and repair outdoor walls. The last thing you want is a retaining wall or a decorative wall to start deteriorating, or become unattractive. Give it the protection of stone, or a stucco accent.
    Stone and Stucco Retaining Wall
    Stone and Stucco Decorative Wall
  4. Remember: Stone is so versatile, you can use it for patios, driveways, walkways, fireplaces, outdoor barbeques and kitchens, and more.

If you have any other project ideas you are considering, give us a call at  or schedule your Free Estimate & Consultation online today. We’ll personally help you decide the best options, along with providing our experienced recommendations to get you a top quality design.

Stone & Stucco Facade

This home is a great example of the perfect pairing abilities of stone and stucco.

Stone & Stucco Home Facade

Full Stucco with Stone Trim

This home features a beautifully colored stucco, with ledgestone stone veneer. Just one of many combinations possible.

Full Stucco with Stone Trim

Stone & Stucco Retaining Walls

Renovate your retaining walls to add beauty, and give them a new long-lasting life with Stone & Stucco treatment.

Stone and Stucco Retaining Wall

Stone & Stucco Decorative Walls

Renovate your decorative walls to add beauty, and give them a new long-lasting life with Stone & Stucco treatment.

Stone and Stucco Decorative Wall