Stone and Stucco, Elegance and Durability

Stone and Stucco

Thinking about adding stone or stucco to your home? Whether you are in need of a strong retaining wall, or looking to enhance your home’s beauty, Supreme Construction’s abilities are at your service.  We’ll cater to your choices of styles, materials, and colors to create a one of a kind finish. Several options exist, including natural stone, veneers, and hand mixed stucco for retaining walls, decorative walls, exterior facades, and even your home interior. Schedule your FREE Estimate & Consultation today, and get the results you deserve.

Why Choose Stone?

Stone has been used for building for centuries. It is one of the most reliable masonry materials around, providing strength, support, and stability.

  • Simply, it’s beautiful. Adding it to your home can add a great deal of aesthetic qualities.
  • A fit for any budget. Natural stone, is often the most expensive stone option. For a budget friendly option, turn to Stone Veneers. You can think of these like tiles. They have all the beautiful qualities of stone, but they cost a lot less.
  • Natural stone and veneers already come in more styles, shapes, and sizes than we can possibly write about. You won’t be the least disappointed if you like having plenty of options to choose from.

Pro Recommendation: We strongly advise our customers to not choose stucco for large surface areas. Staten Island, and the rest of New York City have a wide range of seasonal weather which will decrease your stucco’s life. It will often crack due to the climate conditions. Keep this in mind when planning your next project.

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